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“I am just 24 years old, but I’ve had issues with my weight throughout my life. In 2013, I gained a lot of weight in just couple months from a recent job transition and relocation. I would go into my closet, look at all the clothes I could no longer fit into, begin to cry, and I would avoid going out just because of that. I knew I needed help. I have tried MANY different diets in the past, but it was always difficult for me to remain on these diets.

One day I saw a sign for SimplyFit, so I Googled it, and then I set up an appointment. I was terrified at first because I didn’t think that I could change my eating habits. However, I realized SimplyFit was more than diet, it was lifestyle change tailored specifically to my genetics, which I can use for the rest of my life.

I have lost 38 pounds so far, and I have never felt as energetic, healthy, confident, and happy in my life as I do now. I am continuing my journey to my goal weight, but with the tools and help from the health coaches at Simply Fit, I now realize that I can reach my goal weight in no time.”

Alex W.

Dallas, TX

“My name is Courtney and I started with SimplyFIT about 20 days ago. I just wanted to share my experiences so far. This program does not even feel like I am on a diet. I can still eat with my family, and I don’t feel left out or like I am missing out.

I don’t crave food or feel hungry all the time. When I started this program, I was wearing a size 16, and on my third week, I could fit it my size 12 jeans that I have not worn in over 3 years!

So far, I have lost 6 lbs. and 4% fat. Now that’s exciting!!! I haven’t even met my goal weight and already feel more energetic and confident. I love this program and recommend it to all. Thanks!”

Courtney C.

Dallas, TX

“Like most people, I have tried many other diet plans and have failed. I worked out six days a week and still made very little progress. Simply FIT gave me a genetic roadmap based on what to eat, when to eat, and even what was the best work out for my genetics. I have lost 11.5 pounds and 18.5 pounds of pure fat!!!! I sleep better, feel better, and more important I like the way I look again! Invest in yourself. Simply FIT is amazing.”

Johnny B.

Dallas, TX

“I remember the first time I had to come face-to-face with my size. I am 26 years old, and the number that I witnessed on scale that day will forever haunt me. I weighed 167 pounds and was told to run more and eat less…simple math, right? So, I did just that. I logged hundreds of miles as I ran, ate an exorbitant amount of lettuce, and slept regularly. This equation worked…for a little while, when it didn’t I tried more. When that didn’t work I gave up. My body didn’t seem happy with me, and I never felt my hunger satiated.
With all the hard work and effort I had put in, I proudly marched into my “weigh day” and I was shocked when I saw that I was only 4 pounds lighter, making the smallest number I had seen on the scale 163. This was now not-so-simple math—running more and eating less was in fact NOT an equation that was working for me. I knew I was capable of more and I wanted to give my body what it deserved.
When I started Simplified Genetics, I was a strictly yoga girl. I practiced power yoga 5 times a week in a hot, fast paced studio. I drank juice, ate salads, and yet I still weighed 183 pounds with 35% body fat. Kurt asked me what my goal weight was, and I conservatively stated that ideal number I’d like to reach was 163…the number that had been on the scale before, and I believed was the best I could do. The moment I told him that, I knew I wasn’t being honest in my heart. I wanted something better for myself, but better also meant scary, and I didn’t want to set myself up for failure and disappointment. I still wasn’t sure this could ever happen for me.
But it happened and IS happening! I burst through that glass ceiling of fear with a little faith and purpose. I finally realized what was missing before…I wasn’t doing the kind of things my body was meant to do. I was misguided and mislead by so many “health experts” and “fad diets”, but that all changed when I started working with Kurt and Simplified Genetics.
I now weigh 156 pounds, making it a total of 27 pounds lost in just a matter of months. I workout LESS and EAT MORE than I did before. How many hours less? 3 hours less. How much more do I eat? My diet now consists of nutrient rich foods that don’t leave me hungry and allow me to eat things that I crave. I took my total body fat percentage from 35% to 27% in 10 weeks.
It’s been incredibly easy and I know exactly what I need to do each week. I know what to do when I get to the gym, or when I am looking for group fitness classes. When I go out to eat, I never feel guilty because I know what percentages of fat-to-carbohydrates-to-protein I need.”

Cassi M.

Dallas, TX

“Simply Fit has given me a brand new life. At 26 years old, I struggled with my weight, health issues, no energy, and I was worried that if I didn’t change something soon, I was going to live a short life and have heart issues as a result.
Simply Fit was a miracle for me. I no longer had to play the guessing game, and I knew for a fact what I needed to accomplish to be a healthier person.
I have been on the program for about a year now and I have LOST 85 POUNDS. Yes, 85 pounds.
Not only have I lost weight with the program, I have lowered by cholesterol from 250 to 128 and my triglyceride level from the 400’s to 133.
By the way, my family said I would always have trouble with my triglyceride levels but Simply Fit took care of that for me. 🙂 Whether your 27 years old like me or 57 years old, Simply Fit will help YOU become a healthier you.”

Zac G.

Denison, TX

“My name is Tammy, and for 44 years, I have been overweight (yes, even as a baby I was “lovingly chunky”). I wasn’t morbidly obese, but I was obese on the BMI scales. I’m 5’2” and my body fat is almost off the charts, though you couldn’t tell by looking at me. Most people said they couldn’t tell, but clothes do hide things well. Heart disease and high cholesterol run in my family, and I needed to do something soon if I was going to live my life without heart disease!
I tried dieting on and off, had the personal trainers, and joined (and quit) multiple gyms. Some things would work, and I’d lose 10-15 pounds, but of course eventually it would come back. At one point, I was working out for over an hour, 5 days a week, eating correctly (no junk foods), and I wasn’t losing an ounce! Needless to say, I was disgusted.
I had read an article about Simply Fit and thought, “that is what I need to do!” See exactly what my body type needs as far as food and exercise.
The price was a bit high for me, but I thought it would be worth it in the long run if I could figure out what I needed to do. I wanted to be healthy, rather than skinny, and what I was doing wasn’t working. So, I went for it, knowing that whatever the results were, I had to be willing to follow it. It wasn’t going to be a one size fits all deal; this was going to be especially for me because it was my DNA.
So, I got the results and was pleasantly surprised that my current eating habits were pretty much in line with what my body needed. I just needed to make a few tweaks, the most drastic being protein at breakfast. I am not a protein gal and LOVE my carbs.
My biggest surprise came with what my body needed as far as activity. My body only needs 3 days of 30-45 minutes of high intensity, which is 70-85% of my Max heart rate. Anymore than that and my body stores fat! That means that all those times that I was working my butt off in the gym for an hour or more, I was helping my body store the fat rather than burn it!!! How is that for epiphany?
I was never a big fan of exercise so I was ecstatic to find out that if I just worked out 3 days a week for 30 minutes, my body was going to be happy and I was going to lose the weight that I needed to.
Since starting my journey with Simply Fit I have lost almost 20 pounds of pure fat. I’m elated, however I still have my goal of weighing 130 (I started at 156), so I have 6 more pounds to lose.
I am so thankful for the Simply Fit staff; I would not be able to stay as motivated without their support! The entire team has been awesome. If you are thinking about doing this DNA testing and your wondering “is this a gimmick?” or “yeah right, how much more will I have to fork out?” Trust me, order your DNA kit, talk to the Slim team, and do a free consult. You will not be disappointed, but fair warning – you better be ready for whatever your DNA says it needs. ”

Tammy F.

“Simply FIT has changed my life. I have always worked out and been fairly healthy, but after finding out exactly what exercise my body needs… and what it doesn’t, I am the fittest, strongest, and leanest I have ever been!! I am 15 lbs. lighter than before I had my son, and I workout 5-6 hours less each week! It is amazing to have more time, and spend less money on diets or creams or trainers because I know exactly what my body needs! Thank you!”

Marie J.

Los Angeles, CA.

“I was slightly dubious about what genetic testing could tell me, mainly because I didn’t fully understand the usefulness of the results. But Jen, the Director of Client Experience, did a great job of describing how the test focused her workout regimen, so that she now gets better results with less time invested. She was spot-on with that description.

My results showed me conclusively that a high majority of my workouts should be high-intensity training. While this is not what I wanted to hear because habitually I had avoided such exercise, during the next month I took three high intensity classes each week, and lo-and-behold, the fat literally melted off my body.

My body changed drastically. When clothes start fitting more loosely and you feel lighter and stronger, then you have a great motivator to continue to do what you are doing. Imagine how much of a difference this knowledge can make in your life. The sooner you find out, the fitter you will become. It has already happened to me.”

Eric H.

Dallas, TX

“I have been a yoga teacher for almost 3 years. I have never been overweight, but I was definitely unhealthy, so jumping into yoga helped me lose a few pounds right away.

However, I stopped seeing results about a year ago, despite the fact that I was teaching and taking 10+ yoga classes a week. When I took the SimplyFIT test, I found out that I require 90% high intensity to 10% steady aerobic exercise.

I immediately added higher intensity exercise, and my body changed faster than I have ever seen it. I am at a healthy weight that I can maintain easily, but what I’ve noticed the most is my new muscle definition and tone. My problem area is my abdominal region (and the DNA test indicated that is where I store fat), and for the first time in my adult life, I am proud to wear a bathing suit!

My friends are amazed at the difference they’ve seen in such a short period of time, especially considering that I chose a career in fitness. I also discovered that I have a moderate sensitivity to glucose, and a very low sensitivity to fat. I am actually seeing results by cutting down on carbs, but still enjoying foods such as cheese and meats! It’s wonderful to not have to guess anymore.”

Jen C.

Southlake, TX

“I am a busy mother of 4 very active children, full time college student, and work full time. I was battling 50 pounds of baby weight for over 10 years. I was always tired, irritable, and never wanted to leave the house because of my weight. I just hated being around anyone because I was so ashamed and embarrassed. I was eating healthy, working out 6 days a week, and doing everything that I thought I should. I was even doing P90X and Insanity and couldn’t get the pounds to fall off. I had previously tried all kinds of diets from Weight Watchers to HCG shots, and nothing had worked. About the time I was considering giving up, I heard a SimplyFit commercial on KLAK. When I heard that SimplyFit went by your DNA and was completely personalized, I thought I would give it a shot.
I got my DNA results in early May and since then I have lost almost 30 pounds, dropped 3 pant sizes, and I feel great. I now have more energy to keep up with my children, fulfill my responsibilities at my job, and still have the energy to complete my school work. I am so happy that I found SimplyFit because the program has changed my life. I still have about 15-20 pounds to go, but now that I know my DNA roadmap, I know how to get where I want to be.”

Lisa P.

Dallas, TX

“My name is Ashley, and in just 2 short weeks I have lost 6 lbs. of pure fat!! I didn’t really have a whole lot of weight to lose, but I started to become very uncomfortable in my clothes, my energy started to be lower, and I knew if I didn’t change for the better, my weight could get out of control, and out of control very fast. Simply Fit works because there is NO GUESS work. I didn’t have to wonder what to eat or how much to exercise… It was all done for me and done using my DNA!!
If you need to lose 5 pounds or 500 lbs. Simply Fit is the best weight loss solution. Why go on guessing what is “HEALTHY”? Get real personalized DNA answers, make it easy, and lose weight FAST!!”

Ashley G.

Dallas, TX

“I’m a 57-year-old woman, work full time, and raise my 8-year-old grandson. I wanted to lose some weight to not only look better and feel better, but to keep up with my grandson’s activities.
Since I’ve been on the program, I have lost 2 clothes sizes, lost 30 plus inches; with 4 off my hips and 3 off my waist. I have more energy and love buying smaller clothes. I have a little bit more to go, however I am well on my way to better health, more energy, and most of all having more self-esteem and self-confidence.
The beauty of using Simply Fit for your weight loss journey is your program isn’t like anyone else. It’s based on your DNA, so your menu plan and exercise is designed for you! Each person is different and Simply Fit gives you the tools to achieve your goals. I recommend Simply Fit to anyone who wants real answers and a real solution that is unique to them.
The weight loss solution is easy and simple to follow. It makes sense and the weight just starts to fall off. I can go out to eat with clients or cook for my family because it is based around real food.”

Sharon S.

Dallas, TX

“I started SimplyFit in February 2013. I was recovering from a surgery that was keeping me from exercising, and I had gained a little over 45 pounds during the previous year. After getting my DNA results back, we knew we had a rough road ahead (thanks for those genetics folks! ), but that it was do-able, if I listened to the SimplyFit weight loss coaches and my body.
One problem that I had was water consumption. My water hydration was about 21% (normal is 60-70%). I was drinking over 100 oz. of water a day and nothing was changing. In talking with Sarah, we decided to try changing the alkalinity of the water I drank, and within one week I had gained 7 pounds of water. When you look at the internal numbers there has been a dramatic change in my body composition. I have lost 40 pounds of pure fat, gained 18.5 pounds of water (my water hydration is at 41% now), and gained 7 pounds of muscle. I am down 17.25 inches from my original measurements in February.
When I had dieted before, I would eat leaner proteins and a lot more fresh fruits and vegetables. I would have a slight decrease in weight, but then would start to gain the weight back, no matter how strict I was on what I ate. After getting my DNA results I needed to eat 40% protein a day, so no wonder I wasn’t able to keep the weight off.
Knowing how my body is wired to lose weight has been extremely helpful in getting my weight down and leading a healthier lifestyle. It’s a challenge, but I feel much better prepared for it than I was before I heard of SimplyFit!”

Rich W.