Your DNA creates the blueprint

for all the functions in your body. Passed down from our parents, each person has 46 chromosomes (23 pairs): one pair from your mother, and one from your father. Your unique combination of chromosomes creates your DNA that contains genetic variations called polymorphisms.

Full Sequence vs SNP Analysis

The objective in consumer genetic testing is to obtain the SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism). The SNP, pronounced, “snip”, is a change in specific places along the nucleotide sequence. Polymorphisms can vary from person to person and are responsible for your individual differences, resulting in how you look and respond to your environment.

Translation from genetics (the genetic language) to proteomics (the language of amino acids) enables us to identify the function of the gene and the instructions programmed by the gene in order to provide the proper stimuli.

SNP analysis identifies a single nucleotide on one strand of DNA. Full-sequence analysis - like we use at Simplified Genetics - identifies the sequence and gathers substantial data to cross-reference the SNP so that we can ensure accuracy of your lab results.

The SG Difference


SG is the only full sequence analysis providers in the country for consumer use.


We go beyond the genetic information. Included in SG results are steps you can understand and use.


We don't look for disease pathways or drug interactions, and we are not here to give you bad news. SG translates your genetic instructions to give you your map and the most powerful tools to improve your life; from weight management for general health.

How is my DNA processed?

You collect your DNA with the swab provided in your kit.

Send it to our lab in Louisiana.

Your DNA is extracted from the swab.
Custom primers and reagants are used to prepare your sample for analysis.

Your sample is transferred into a sequencer.

Each specific gene position is targeted for a reaction.

Our researchers validate your sequenced results.
Your polymorphism on each gene is sent to our internal, secure database for the printout of your genetic results of your personalized report for optimal wellness.

Now that’s not so complicated, is it?
That’s why we call it