We improve lives by providing accurate and actionable, full sequence genetic analysis . Our clients benefit by learning their genetic dispositions and develop personalized steps to interact with their own body. We present your comprehensive results in a simple format that is easy to use and readily adaptable today.

Simply put, Simplified Genetics is a health and lifestyle company that uses premium scientific methodology to help each of our clients.


Kurt Johnsen Vision Keeper / Co-founder

Kurt Johnsen

Kurt is an energetic, lifelong entrepreneur with an insatiable desire to help people reach their goals. At age twelve, he launched his first company and has been creating service businesses ever since. In 2001, Kurt focused his life and companies to one simple goal--helping humans achieve optimal health and happiness.

Kurt has a rare combination of skill sets. He’s created and managed multimillion-dollar sales forces, developed a nationally recognized yoga system and hosted a worldwide TV show that has been translated into several languages. He brings a combination of strategic expertise and charismatic enthusiasm needed to motivate companies and innovate industries.

Gina Johnsen Brainiac / Co-founder

Gina Johnsen

Gina is a strong-willed leader with a well-rounded science background. Raised by a biochemist, Gina grew up in the lab and was immersed in science as a young girl. Her exposure to evidence-based results inspired her goal to find a scientific explanation to human behaviors and physical characteristics. Her daily interactions revolve around nutrition and physiology and creating the most optimal epigenetic environment as it pertains to an individual.

Gina studied chemistry, biology and neuro-psychology during her time at college while earning her degree from the University of North Texas. With numerous certificates in physical and nutritional fields, she continues to expand her knowledge in nutrigenomics to contribute to the personalized health of others.

Dr. Richard Cooper Science Director

Dr. Richard Cooper

Dr. Cooper received his Ph.D. in medical microbiology from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine and has used his experience as a molecular biologists to design DNA vector design for gene delivery and gene expression. The 12 issued patents and 5 pending patents demonstrate his unique approach to solving problems. In addition to helping develop the current genetic tests, he continues to actively research ways to improve testing and look to the future in developing new tests to have a positive impact on people's lives.

Jacob Huntley International Development

Jacob Huntley

Jacob is part of our international development team. He holds bachelor's of arts degrees in both Anthropology and English from Southern Methodist University. He speaks English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese and has spent time living in Spain, Italy and Brazil. Jacob intends to use his language and cultural skills to develop Simplified Genetics in these markets as well as other European and South American countries. His experience and knowledge of the world, together with his passion for SG products makes him the ideal person to take Simplified Genetics beyond the borders of the United States.

Donndi Harper Lab Director

Donndi Harper

Donndi is a dedicated and driving force in a lab coat. Donndi established and continues to maintain incomparable standards of our high-quality laboratory procedures as the SG lab director.

Donndi has a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a concentration in genetics and a minor in chemistry from Southeastern Louisiana University. Donndi was employed by the LSU-AgCenter Dept. of Veterinary Science for seven years before she began research in Molecular Biology. She continues to learn and expand her knowledge , and is working toward her degree for clinical research.

Rheagan Chambers Lab Technician

Rheagan Chambers

Rheagan is a senior at Louisiana State University studying biological engineering. She is currently a student worker in the SG lab. Rheagan is a passionate student and hard working employee who believes in the ethics and standards taught in a laboratory setting . Rheagan is excited to work with Simplified Genetics because it provides each client with a unique strategy for dieting and exercise, b ased on their personal genetics.


Dr. David M. Brady

Dr Brady has 22-years of experience as an integrative physician and over 18 years in health sciences academia. He is a licensed naturopathic medical physician in CT and VT, a board certified clinical nutritionist and received his original clinical training as a chiropractic physician. He currently serves as the Vice Provost for the Division of Health Sciences, Interim Dean of the College of Naturopathic Medicine, and Director of the Human Nutrition Institute at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. He maintains a private practice, Whole Body Medicine, in Trumbull, CT. Dr. Brady is also the Chief Medical Officer for Designs for Health, Inc. He is an internationally sought-after presenter on nutritional, naturopathic and integrative medicine. He has appeared on the plenary speaking panel of some of the largest and most prestigious conferences in the field including; IFM, ACAM, A4M, IHS, and many more.

Dr. Brady personally vetted Simplified Genetics programs, and continues to assist with development and education for new distribution channels worldwide.


The SG wet lab is located in the Louisiana Emerging Technology Center (LAETC). Opened in 2005, the LAETC operates under the umbrella of the LSU System Research and Technology Foundation. The Foundation’s goal is to link the most promising breakthroughs from Louisiana’s university research with business leaders who can sell their ideas in a global marketplace.

The LAETC lays the groundwork for new companies involved in biotechnology, healthcare, environmental sciences and life sciences. Their laboratory houses 60,000 sq. ft. designed specifically for new companies with wet lab needs.

The SG lab features full sequence technology and equipment originally designed and used for the development of bio-similar protein based drugs. In 2009, clean rooms were built in the LAETC facility to meet regulatory requirements by an experienced and robust quality systems team. Our group of molecular biologists, scientists and educators at SG continue to perform research and development for current and future genetic tests.