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    Simplified Genetics uses full sequencing to analyze DNA to ensure 100% accuracy.

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    Understanding genetic data provides the unique ability to work directly with the specific functions in any individual’s body.

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  • Best results possible. On the forefront of health and wellness, genetic testing is now available to uncover the secrets to an individual's metabolism and path to weight loss. Your path is your own. Simplified Genetics provides you with a clear and comprehensive report with easy to understand DO, EAT and TAKE strategies for simple and immediate incorporation into your life.
  • Don’t waste time. Doing what works for your body is efficient and requires less work on your part. If you know that your exercise is getting results, you don't have to do it as much.
  • Don’t waste money. One test, one time. Your answers are in your genes, not the new book. Other diets and exercise plans probably won't work, so you may find yourself starting over a few times a year, which gets expensive.
  • Don’t go hungry. You do not need to starve yourself to lose weight. Being efficient means being balanced and your results reveal dietary guidelines that work with your exercise plan so that you can enjoy your food.


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  • One size does not fit all.  Traditional diet and exercise programs fall short because they lack the crucial element of biological response(s) and biochemical reactions in any given individual. Everyone is unique, and so must be their path to weight loss.

  • SNP vs Full Sequence. SNP analysis is fast and cheap and can result in false positives or false negatives. That simply will not do. Full sequence analysis determines the sequence of a gene and uses surrounding data to cross-reference. Full sequence analysis ensures confidence and accuracy from laboratory results.

  • The right Questions with the right Answers We had the same questions that you did, and that is why we went looking for the answers.

  • Don’t shine a flashlight in your ear! Receptors are chemically coded for specific information called stimulus. The wrong information for a receptor is not received and therefore has no influence. SimplyFIT sequences genes that encode for receptors and what information they need to function. Knowing a variation is precisely how we know which characteristics we are dealing with for any given individual.

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Simplified Genetics Explores How the Obesity Gene Works

November 8, 2013

It’s no secret that your genes are the key to knowing exactly how your body operates. In fact, experts have known for quite a while that a specific gene, commonly called the FTO gene, is closely associated with a significantly increased risk of obesity. At Simplified Genetics, our mission is to help you understand your body’s needs through comprehensive genetic sequencing, including your risk of obesity and the most effective way to optimize your health and fitness. Today, we explore how the obesity gene works and why it increases your likelihood of obesity.

Why choosefull sequence testing?

Full sequencing is the only way to ensure 100% accurate results. Full sequencing analyzes larger sections of genetic material and by design, goes multiple steps beyond a SNP analysis by analyzing the coding and non-coding strands of DNA. Full sequencing is so thorough; it has a built-in step that confirms the accuracy of your results.
A SNP analysis (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) is simply a diagnostic tool that identifies a differentiation on the DNA, and where on the strand it occurs. SNP analysis, while less costly, can produce inconsistent results (which can be up to 40% inaccurate). Which means, the results from a SNP analysis are not always accurate.
The genes we analyze directly influence how much fat you absorb, how your body reacts to exercise, diet and how you can best manage weight gain/loss. FABP2-54 Fatty Acid Binding Protein: Different polymorphisms on this gene determine how much fat from your diet you absorb into your body. ADRB2 positions 16 and 27 Beta-3 Adrenergic Receptor: These positions on this gene are commonly researched to gain knowledge about obesity. Independently and in certain combinations, the results from this gene explain what sources of energy your body uses the most efficiently and how you process and store fats and carbohydrates. ADRB3-64 Beta-3 Adrenergic Receptor: Overall energy expenditure, including exercise, stimulates these receptors, which regulate the breakdown of fat. The polymorphisms on this gene allow us to determine how much exercise your body needs to work efficiently in order to breakdown the fat. PPARG-12 Peroxisome Proliferator Receptor Gamma: Is a nuclear receptor that can have a dominating role over the metabolic processes controlled by the nervous system. PPARG regulates how the body metabolizes fat and carbohydrates and how fat is stored in the body. It activates genes that stimulate fat uptake. PPARG is also associated with glucose sensitivity, insulin resistance and resistance to weight loss; the degree to which you may experience these ailments is determined by the unique variations.
We have combined research, years of dedication and knowledge in science, diet, nutrition, exercise and supplements to develop the results for your individual genotype. Clear and simple; DO, EAT, TAKE. The protocol Simplified Genetics developed guides you step-by-step to find your ideal weight and level of fitness. After we analyze your DNA and receive the lab results, we review your polymorphisms (unique variations) independently and also in context with the rest of your genotype which makes the SimplyFIT test the most comprehensive on the market.
Just once. Your genes don’t change. There are extremely rare occurrences of mutations, and it is not likely that you have one.